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The CPQ Wave Report Is In. Have You Had A Look At The Results?

Well folks, it’s finally here. Forrester Research has just published its Wave Report Configure-Price-Quote, 2017.

At FPX, we’re elated to see the results of the report. Not only because we are featured as a Strong Performer with one of the top product offerings against 11 other leading CPQ vendors, but because this report presents one of the first objective, third-party resources evaluating the CPQ market.

It’s been a long time coming

FPX Smart CPQ is featured in the Forrest Wave ReportFor businesses looking to learn more about CPQ, it’s often a challenge to get the in-depth resources necessary to make an informed decision regarding a solution and vendor. For most, the evaluation process is simply a matter of looking at the logos of their existing technology stack and determining if a CPQ solution is available from that same vendors.

Although this technology-out approach may work for some, the truth is that CPQ is a powerful tool with numerous vendors and product offerings of varying levels of maturity. Smart businesses will undertake a thorough and diligent evaluation based on their organization's unique business requirements and goals.

CPQ is no longer the one-off direct sales solution of old

According the author of the report, Forrester Analyst John Bruno, “The CPQ market has grown in recent years, and for good reason. The rationale to invest in CPQ is simple: It improves the B2B buying experience by selling the right product, at the right price, to the right customer, at the right time, and in the buyer's’ preferred channel.” A key takeaway from Bruno notes that businesses looking for a solution must consider more than just the application itself, but also how the solution fits into the broader business strategy: “CPQ selection and implementation must not only support the current sales dynamic; it must also allow for flexible growth in the future.”


In short, CPQ has evolved from a one-off sales tool to something bigger and much more impactful. As B2B eCommerce continues to grow and numerous businesses move toward a more partner-centric go-to-market strategy, CPQ becomes an integral resource for enabling a true omnichannel strategy that connects enterprise organizations while delivering a seamless, exquisite experience to all customers and end users - what we refer to as better Experience Management.

We’d love to talk with you about the Wave, CPQ and our Experience Management Platform

As we mentioned, we’re proud to be featured among the top vendors in Forrester’s Wave report. Our Smart CPQ application achieved the highest possible scores in 15 categories, including eCommerce, Configuration, Pricing, Direct Sales and Platform Integration and API Strategy, while also ranking near the top in numerous others. These marks validate our position as one of the top choices out ther when selecting a CPQ vendor. We’re confident our solution and strategy can benefit your business as you continue down the path of growth and development.

To review your complimentary copy of the report, visit our landing page, complete form and dive in. To speak directly with someone from our team, please take a moment to complete our online contact form.


FPX Marketing

FPX Marketing

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