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Optimizing Deals for Margin while Accelerating Sales Cycles

If you’re a CFO or VP of Finance, we understand you’re wired to identify issues, seek solutions and drive results. If you believe your distribution channels are unable to optimize margin in every transaction, you recognize a problem and opportunity.

This problem is especially frustrating when the necessary information to solve the problem lives within your company but is not being applied by distribution channels to optimize for margin. Why? Because the information—which lives in confidential spreadsheets that show exactly what price point and negotiation strategy to use based on a particular product or solution in order to land the sale—is owned by the small number of trusted people who have access to it.

The problem is, you nor your sales team wants those highly proprietary, highly confidential pricing spreadsheets in the hands of sales reps (who, on average, have a turnaround of about 15 months).

To add pressure, the sales team wants to get deals done quickly in order to bring in money and hit their quotas. Strong sales VPs continually re-enforce “time kills all deals.”  Which puts CFOs in a tough spot: They can’t freely share  proprietary pricing information, which means the select few with access become a sales process bottleneck.. This leads to them getting roasted by sales because oftentimes the first quote wins—hence the adage “time kills all deals”—and the last thing a CF“NO” wants to be called is a deal killer.

Therefore, how can CFOs put the guard rails on deals and optimize them for margin while not slowing down the process? Enter FPX SCPQ.

Infusing Market & Finance Strategy into Sales Execution

The FPX Selling Cloud allows sellers to focus on selling more, selling faster, and selling profitably. That’s because behind the scenes we’ve empowered the CFO to dictate which sellers (or sales channels) are allowed to sell which products, at which time, to which customers/segments, at which price points, with which discounting rules (based on price, margin, cost, geography, and many other factors). All with approvals automated through workflows—accelerating, rather than slowing down the process.

This increase in speed and efficiency—with guard rails set to optimize margins—allows manufacturers to win faster, win more, and win more profitably.

A Real World Example

When it comes to selling expensive capital equipment, some countries have certain rules blocking sales of certain products or configurations. The problem is, oftentimes the sales person doesn’t know these rules. Thankfully, with FPX SCPQ, the system already has all of these rules plugged in—it knows and applies all country-specific configuration rules so that the salesperson can keep moving the deal along and contact the approver as soon as possible to get the deal done and won.

Ultimately, the FPX Selling Cloud provides the transparency and visibility needed to accelerate sales cycles while infusing market and finance strategy into sales execution. It allows CFOs to efficiently put guardrails on deals while accelerating them. That’s because the system allows the CFO to be engaged earlier on in the process, speeding things up.

In order for CFOs to abolish their nightmare of being called a deal killer while achieving their dream of optimizing deals for margin and aligning them with the company sales strategy, it’s time to implement a system that can efficiently and effectively impart financial knowledge in a secure way to every member of your sales team—wherever they are, whenever they need it.

Russell Scherwin and Grant Stanis

Russell Scherwin and Grant Stanis

Russell Scherwin is Chief Revenue Officer for FPX. Grant Stanis is Chief Financial & Operating Officer for FPX.

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