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One CFO's Perspective

FPX CFO Grant Stanis was kind enough to sit down with us and tell us a little bit about his journey as a CFO as well as his particular take on how CPQ solutions can benefit a business.

Here’s what we learned.

How CPQ Can Make CFOs’ Lives Easier

You’re a CFO, and it’s your first week on the job at a fast-growing company. During this time, your boss tells you that the company is continuing to grow and therefore needs to know how this growth will affect headcount because, honestly, they’re tapped out—and it’s your job to figure it out.

Therefore, you ask around about the headcount in each department. When you get to the sales team, you ask the sales manager: What drives your headcount growth? She responds “Sales growth; for every one salesperson we need one or two team members for support.” Basically, the company adds three salaries for every one sales person.

This leads you to beg the question, how can the business possibly scale that way? Is there another way to scale the business other than adding headcount?

If only there was an effective way for salespeople to answer customer questions and create and get out quotes more efficiently, the company could scale faster without additional support staff…

Thankfully, there is!

A Real-Life Example

Before I became the CFO at a CPQ solution company, I worked for an organization that had this exact problem. Once we stumbled upon CPQ, we realized that it could provide cost avoidance as we continued to grow while also enhancing our team. In fact, the CPQ solution we invested in paid for itself in one year in relation to the incremental headcount we didn’t need to add.

It also made our people more effective and efficient at doing their jobs. Our salespeople were able to answer customers’ questions with more company-specific knowledge and insights, while also being able to generate and send over quotes to them more quickly.

From this implementation we ultimately learned two lessons:

  1. There’s tremendous value in scaling CPQ.
  2. We appreciated the complexity and configurations of what we were quoting (at the time, data center equipment).

Ultimately, the CPQ solution allowed us to have the process and systems we needed in place —alongside our current, and now more effective, workforce—in order to further scale our process, systems, and people. 

It was because of this tremendous value I had seen in implementing a CPQ solution that I jumped at the opportunity to work at FPX. I knew their product had value. I knew what it had accomplished at my old company and therefore the value it could bring to other businesses and industries, and I was excited to extend that value to FPX’s clients.

Grant Stanis

Grant Stanis

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