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Honeywell: How CPQ is Taking Connected Buildings to the Next Level

honeywell cpq connected buildings

You may have heard of the Internet of Things (IoT), but what exactly are connected buildings?

Essentially, a connected building is one in which disparate building systems are controlled and connected via a single operating system.

For Honeywell, building automation systems, software, and controls are a core offering, and they looked to CPQ to take that offering to the next level.

The Next Step

Honeywell was noticing that their customer’s expectations were getting higher—the bar was rising when it came to connecting technology with both building systems and users.

Therefore, their long-term strategy became to take the information from some of the applications that were resident to (i.e. already inside) the customer’s building, move it into the cloud, and then connect it back into their own system.

By doing so, they empowered their customers with real-time information on what was going on inside their buildings, including security statuses and heating and cooling. This helped ensure occupants were comfortable and working better while in the building.

However, they still needed a way to tie their new strategy into their back-office systems to make it more productive.

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Enter CPQ

Honeywell decided it was time to take advantage of their technologies and be in a more connected position—not only when it came to their connected buildings and systems, but with their people and processes as well.

They knew they had to look at both best practices and best-of-breed solutions for how to accomplish that. And that’s when they came across CPQ.

As Dan Ritch, Vice President of Connected Services and CIO at Honeywell Building Solutions, put it, “CPQ is seamlessly integrated into Salesforce.com. So for our customers, it’s much easier for them to work in a common tool; they’re living in that tool, [so] they don’t have to bounce around.”

For Ritch, FPX’s Salesforce.com integration made for a seamless process that was easy on both his team and end-users alike.

John Rajchert, President of Honeywell Building Solutions, echoed the sentiment:

The key thing about CPQ is to turn what is currently a complex process into something that is simpler, faster, and reliable. We wanted to be able to bring a far more connected approach to our customers.

He continued by pointing out that the connection of the technology is key, and CPQ allows them to know what they’re servicing, what they’re delivering, and how to price it, all while connecting that information to the operation of the equipment. “That’s the next generation service promise.”

Worth Its Weight in Gold

When Honeywell began to combine their Honeywell Operating System Gold (HOS Gold) with their improved user experience, they wanted their internal team to understand that they were trying to decrease the number of touchpoints for customers in order to make their lives easier.

The project itself helped reduce and consolidate up to eight or nine tools internationally, so teams all over the world were able to access the same tool. Because team members were able to look at and share the same information in real time, communication improved across the board.

From a leadership perspective, it gave executives, managers, and team leaders a chance to look at information throughout the entire service process. In other words, there was now a seamless communication channel that extended from the field, into the office, and on to the leadership team.

In Conclusion

As Rajchert put it, instead of spending time doing your own calculation and having to defend it, CPQ provides a tool that everyone can apply similarly and turns a solution into a quote quickly.

“That’s the promise, that’s how you can spend more time in front of a customer, because finally you have a simple, consistent tool that can calculate prices.”

Matt Noyes

Matt Noyes

Matt is the Director of Product Marketing at FPX. He focuses on the evolution of CPQ from a traditional sales tool to one that delivers value across the enterprise.

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