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FPX At The SAP Hybris Digital Summit

What if you had the opportunity to gather key insights into emerging business trends from leaders and innovators from across a wide variety of industries? Learn about the latest technologies that are driving digital transformation? Share ideas with people from around the world that are making business smarter and more agile?

What if you could attend this global event from your home or office? Or better yet, your home office?

FPX is at the SAP Hybris LIVE: Digital Summit

SAP Hybris is delivering a digital disruption to the world

SAP Hybris LIVE: Digital Summit is a global event designed with modern businesses in mind. On March 8-9, 2017, participants from around the world will be able to live-stream general sessions with thought leaders and industry experts as they outline topics that are driving digital transformation.

With events kicking off in Singapore, Munich and New York, this is truly a globally-connected affair with live broadcasts for every time zone. There will be something for everyone, including an agenda that covers Product, Industry-specific Topics, Implementation and Best-practices, Technology Topics, and SAP Hybris 101.

Regardless of whether you're a senior executive, a digital marketer or developer, there's going to be a seminar and content for you.

At FPX, we're excited to sponsor and participate

Representatives from FPX will be providing insight into how Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) applications and Experience Management strategies are helping to facilitate this modern digital disruption. FPX Chief Experience Officer, Mark Bartlett, will be speaking about how leading businesses can achieve a successful digital transformation by focusing on the power of mapping technology and solutions to the modern customer journey.

As a sponsor of SAP Hybris Live: Digital Summit, FPX is proud to be a part of the global conversation regarding digital transformation. In addition to being a leading SaaS vendor, FPX is also a strategic ISV partner with SAP, FPX brings optimal quote-to-order processes as a central service within Hybris eCommerce storefront.

At FPX, our Experience Management Platform (XMP) of applications featuring Smart CPQ is pre-built to seamlessly integrate with an organization's existing SAP technology investments. This means we complement and extend your current solutions so you can get more from your technology stack. With our best-in-class applications, we enable businesses to streamline and optimize all aspects of complex buying and selling engagements, thus delivering on the promise of a consistent and pleasurable experience for all users from end to end.

Want to connect with us at the SAP Hybris LIVE: Digital Summit?

It is free to register for the event and you can do so by clicking here. If you'd like to learn more about FPX, our suite of applications and how we are helping businesses achieve successful digital transformations, take a moment and reach out to us by completing our online contact form.



FPX Marketing

FPX Marketing

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