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FPX is on the SAP App Center. So What?

fpx-on-sap-app-center-so-what.jpgIf you follow our News Page on FPX.com, you may have heard that our application, Smart CPQ, is now available on SAP® App Center. While we’re happy to be listed on SAP’s online directory for partner applications, you may be wondering, “Why is this important?”

Look Outside the Box for CPQ Solutions

For many companies, pursuing a CPQ vendor that meets their business requirements can get messy, especially for those operating with competing technology systems. Many businesses begin their search by looking at the various partner vendors of their respective CRM systems. And, for several companies, that means that their search begins and ends on Salesforce’s own partner app directory, the Salesforce AppExchange.

Sure, the AppExchange is a great place to start, but it shouldn't automatically be where your search ends. Like you would when buying a car or searching for airfare, you're going to do your homework and investigate all your options - not just one dealer or one airline.

When determining which CPQ vendor to choose, it helps to get the full picture, check out vendor reviews, read the industry research, work with various stakeholders from across your organization to gather input, and even work with consultants who can guide you toward a solution.

"Native" Doesn't Guarantee "Better"

There's a common misperception that CPQ applications native to companies' specific CRM platforms are usually the best available option. Although this belief may very well be correct for some, it's absolutely not always the case.

As we’ve said before, you need to keep in mind how changes to your business will impact your CPQ solution. Change is inevitable in business and, if you have a native CPQ solution, you need to be aware of the potential problems. What happens if you change vendors for your CRM, ERP, or ecommerce system? Will your CPQ solution be able to support the change? Even further, how will your native CPQ application connect with competing systems throughout your organization? Will your Salesforce-native application easily tie into your SAP ERP system? If not, you're failing to get the most from your solution. In fact, you're probably signing up for a lot of costly programming to customize your solution.

When pursuing a CPQ application, it's important to consider high-performing vendors that aren’t tied exclusively to any particular system, but rather offer pre-built integrations to multiple major systems.

FPX Brings Value to Salesforce and SAP Customers

FPX is part of a select number of CPQ vendors to be featured on both the SAP App Center and Salesforce AppExchange, offering pre-built integrations with Salesforce, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C), SAP Hybris, SAP Variant Configurator, and more.

Still have questions about "native" vs. "nonnative"? Want to learn more about CPQ and how it can help transform buying and selling for your business and customers?

Investigate our blog and become a subscriber. Or better yet, reach out to us directly by completing our online contact form.

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