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Faces of FPX: Tim Cherney

Tim Cherney faces of fpx

In this installment of Faces of FPX, we spoke with Tim Cherney, Solution Architect and Developer in the Professional Services department. Tim has been with FPX for 30 years!

How did you come to work at FPX?

I started working for FPX right out of college 30 years ago. I graduated from UND and didn’t succeed at getting one of the two job openings in North Dakota, so I moved on to Minnesota. I was searching for a job in Minneapolis when I saw an ad in the paper for a software developer position at CWC (company name #2 after the original name of Clear With Computers). Les Bruns interviewed me on a Friday, offered me the job that day and I started two days later on Monday, 8/8/88 at 8 in the morning. Eight is now my lucky number.

Tell us a little bit about your role at FPX.

I am a Solution Architect and Developer in the Professional Services department. My role is to solve the client’s problems with CPQ and the available technologies. This entails working with the client and all of the great people here at FPX. I help architect solutions, figure out how to integrate with the client’s systems, design and develop solutions for the client’s needs, and last but not least, train other SDs and Partners. My area of expertise is the product configuration module and DDF development.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging thing is performance tuning nested configurations. Yes, it’s technical jargon, but most people at FPX will know what I mean.

What’s kept you excited about coming to work at FPX?

The great people to work with, learning new things and the challenges that come with solving the client’s problems. I need to code or I get bored. I have only ran out of things to do once in the last 30 years. But that lasted for only 30 minutes.

How have you seen the company grow throughout your career?

That’s a tough question to answer. I have been here so long that I have seen much growth and change over the years.

What sets FPX apart from other vendors in the market?

FPX’s complex configurator that continues to withstand the test of time. The other thing that sets FPX apart is the wealth of experienced people.

How would you describe FPX to someone thinking about working here?

I would tell them what I say when I describe how it is for me. I tell them, “I get paid to have fun, but that isn’t saying it doesn’t come with its challenges. The people are awesome too.”

How do you spend your time when you’re not at work?

I spend time with my wife Angie of 25 years. I spend time with my kids. I have seven kids but only six are at home. I get a lot of energy bottled up from sitting at work all day. So when I get home I run around the house with them. They can’t keep up with me. I am active in my church and teach 4th & 5th graders in Sunday School and I teach kids in grades K-5 on Wednesday nights. I also volunteer as the coach for the local CyberPatriot junior and senior high school teams. CyberPatriots is a national cyber defense competition thru the local Civil Air Patrol wing of which I am a senior member. My hobbies are metal detecting, collecting rocks (finding lake superior agates in my favorite), bird watching, fishing, exploring the great outdoors, and Texas holdem poker.

More than Software — FPX is Family

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Jake Brown

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