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Why CPQ Needs to Be in Your Partner Network of ISV Applications

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Sales reps at enterprise software firms often leverage their company's networks of independent software vendor (ISV) partners to fill specific gaps in their clients’ existing solutions or business processes.

These networks usually exist in the form of online marketplaces where both sales reps and end customers alike can sort through various types of ISV partners, view vendor profiles, evaluate features and benefits, access pricing information and select the perfect application to meet their specific needs.

Customers benefit from being able to quickly access technology that is proven to work with their existing solutions, and sales reps benefit from being able to include easily deployable aftermarket applications into solution bundles, increasing the value of their sale.

While several kinds of ISV applications may make up a company’s partner marketplace, today’s software firms dealing in the realm of sales force automation (SFA) technology are missing a massive opportunity if Configure Price Quote (CPQ) technology is not represented in their partner network of applications.

Why Do You Need A CPQ Partner?

Today’s modern B2B customer journey spans evolving networks of direct, indirect, and digital sales channels. Your clients’ customers now have extremely high expectations for the quality of experience that’s delivered to them in the sales process, demanding simplicity and consistency regardless of where, when or how they buy.

According to a global survey of leading B2B organizations administered by Forrester, 70% said their customers have higher expectations of the experiences they have in the buying process. However, 77% of the same organizations said that delivering consistent, high-quality sales experiences is difficult. These companies are struggling to overcome the inherent complexities of the B2B sales process and are failing to meet the expectations of modern buyers.

Today’s CPQ solutions allow B2B enterprises to address the needs of their digitally-empowered buyers and sellers. By sourcing sales data from all relevant systems (CRM, ERP, pricing, fulfillment, etc.) and making it actionable across all channels and interaction points, CPQ extends the value of your customers’ existing solutions and ensures that they sell the right products, to the right customers, and at the right price.

As enterprise organizations look to answer the call of today’s modern customers, CPQ technology will continue to be recognized as a crucial component of a successful omnichannel sales model. And with a proven CPQ provider in your quiver of ISV partner applications, your organization can deliver on the promise of a true omnichannel strategy.

FPX is Your CPQ Partner of Choice

As the inventor of CPQ technology, FPX is a valuable ISV partner that allows you to deliver impactful sales solutions to your customers. At FPX, our approach to CPQ is different, and our different approach is better. As a platform-independent solution, FPX CPQ features several productized integrations across various technology standards, including SAP, Salesforce, and Microsoft. Thanks to this product strategy, FPX is able to embed technology aligned with your brand into potentially competitive ecosystems.

Backed by more than thirty years of experience, FPX CPQ is powerful enough to deliver complex product and service configurations across all sales channels, including ecommerce. This capability is incredibly valuable to your clients operating in specific vertical markets, such as: auto/transportation, discrete and high-tech manufacturing, medical technology, insurance renewals, and financial services.

As part of your network of ISV partners, FPX provides your organization the opportunity to deliver tangible value and greater return on investment to your prospects and customers.

Come See Us at Microsoft Inspire

FPX will be presenting at Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft’s largest partner event, July 9 – 13 in Washington, D.C. Connect with us at our booth and learn how CPQ can be a valuable addition to your collection of ISV partner solutions.


Luke Roth

Luke Roth

As Director of Marketing at FPX, Luke works to raise the profile of CPQ in the B2B space and focuses on the impact CPQ has on all aspects of buying and selling.

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