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5 Ways CPQ Makes It Easier for You to Do Business

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Both buyers and sellers today demand convenience, from guided selling to mobile access.

Whether you’re trying to make it easier for partners to do business with you or grow a direct sales channel, the buying experience must accommodate fast and simple self-service. It must also have the intelligence to provide guidance and support for more complex or high-consideration orders and configurations.

Not only can CPQ help facilitate all of the above, it can also drive your omnichannel sales strategy, thereby ensuring the quality of engagement is higher than your competitors'. And the cherry on top? Simply put, CPQ makes it easier for you to do business.

Here’s how.

5 Ways CPQ Can Make Your Life Easier

1. Its ease of use and velocity.

Automated CPQ processes powered by machine learning allow even novice users to configure and price complex solutions, develop professional quotes, and quickly validate all product and service selections.

CPQ automation can reduce time-to-order from days or weeks to a couple of hours. It does so with the help of high-power features like auto-renewals, contract generation and editing, and eSignature utilities.

2. Helps you sell more of the right product.

Users receive more personalized products with guided selling, upselling, and cross-selling suggestions based on actual transactional data. Guided questionnaires help sellers configure the right product for the customer’s requirements.

That means sellers in any channel—including distributors and resellers—can confidently manage accurate and current pricing, discounting, and bundling to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Supports sales in the field.

Sales reps and partners should be able to access up-to-date product catalogs on their mobile devices, enabling on-the-spot sales at any time.

They also need the flexibility to create an accurate quote while offline in a remote location or job site, and then subsequently upload it to complete the order.

4. Enables co-creation.

Better CPQ solutions connect direct sales, partner resellers, and ecommerce customers in a seamless engagement. Sales reps can engage with partners and customers using a single solution to co-create custom orders.

5. Facilitates self-service.

Sales such as add-ons, replacements, and service renewals should be self-service enabled. Quick, effortless ordering of replacement and service parts helps retain customers and protect revenue.

Catered to Your Business

These are only some of the myriad ways in which a CPQ solution can make it easier for you and your team to do business.

At FPX, we make sure our solution is catered specifically to your business’s needs. We’ll ensure our solution can work with, not against, your existing technology, and that we help facilitate, not hinder, your current processes. We’re not just a solution provider, we’re a strategic partner.

Ready to move forward with your CPQ project but not sure where to start? We recommend you check out the following resources:

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Luke Roth

Luke Roth

As Director of Marketing at FPX, Luke works to raise the profile of CPQ in the B2B space and focuses on the impact CPQ has on all aspects of buying and selling.

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