How to Boost Guided Buying & Guided Selling with CPQ

guided buying guided selling cpqAre you using guided buying and selling to convert more prospects, as well as offer upsell and cross-sell opportunities?

If you’re using a CPQ solution, does it have built-in guided selling and buying processes? If not, perhaps you need to look into a solution designed for your business, that is, CPQ for manufacturing.

Let’s first take a look at the ins and out of guided buying and selling, and then how a CPQ solution that integrates them is crucial to sales success.

Guided Buying

At its core, guided buying is an easy way to direct users to the right policies, items, and preferred vendors/suppliers by means of a smart and simple experience.

On the back-end, it also acts as a robust sourcing engine that facilitates self-service collaboration with partners and vendors.

Unlike traditional buying experiences, the guided experience reduces the involvement of the procurement department in low-touch scenarios, guides buyers to preferred vendors by category, and warns buyers of policy violations before submitting requests.

Guided Selling

Don’t make your sales reps have to dig through complex product and pricing scenarios. Streamline your sales process by simplifying the product selection process, thereby minimizing the time it takes to generate quotes.

What’s more, guided selling helps get new reps up to speed in no time. That’s because selling options are based on your business logic and rules, so reps are guided to meet the needs of your businessand your customers. Create questions that prompt reps to enter customer data, and they’ll be guided to the most appropriate products and packages.

Ultimately, when the right products are connected to the right customers, the sales process is simplified for your sales team and your customers are happier.

Benefits of CPQ-Powered Guided Experiences

Here are some additional benefits of having a CPQ solution that enables these guided experiences in an ecommerce setting.

1. Sales reps focus on what matters most.

High-value deals require personal involvement of sales teams to close the deal. Lower value deals, however, should be more automated. This way, customers can guide themselves through the process of selecting a product, configuring it, and making the purchase. By automating smaller deals, your team has more time to focus on high-value and high-consideration ones.

2. Buyers have B2C-like purchasing experiences.

As we’ve mentioned in many a post, B2B customers crave the simple, user-friendly buying experiences they’ve come to know and love from their consumer purchases. In fact, 70% of B2B companies note that customers have higher expectations for the types of experiences delivered to them during the buying process. Guided buying helps deliver that experience.

Additional perks include:

  • Collaboration with vendors directly through the buying interface
  • In-context help
  • Upselling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Rules that ensure purchases are compliant with your procurement policies

FPX Will Take You to the Next Level

If your business is looking to transform your online commerce sites from simple online catalogues and shopping carts to fully-functional guided buying sites, it’s not enough to simply implement a standard ecommerce platform and consider the customer experience transformed.

Instead, you must create a modern buying experiencethat engages your customers.

Whereas guided selling enables your sales teams to sell fully-bundled solutions, not just individual products and services, guided buying capabilities educate prospective customers on the products and services they’re pursuing and direct them towards up-selling or cross-selling opportunities.

At the end of the day, it’s a win-win for both parties.

Luke Roth

Luke Roth

As Director of Marketing at FPX, Luke works to raise the profile of CPQ in the B2B space and focuses on the impact CPQ has on all aspects of buying and selling.

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