5 Questions to Ask When Assessing a MarTech Solution

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The MarTech solution market has exploded, leading to an overload of choices and option paralysis for many companies searching for the right technology.

So how can you mill through all that’s out there and find the solution that’s a fit for your business?

First, you can start by ensuring that you’re asking vendors the right questions.

5 Questions to Ask MarTech Vendors

1. Will the solution work with my existing technology stack?

This is one of the first questions you should ask, as you’re not about to rehaul all of your existing systems and processes for one solution. Ensure the solution can work with, not against, your existing technology ecosystem, including your ERP, CRM, etc.

You don’t want to add a tool that complicates processes or forces you to relearn how to use existing systems in different ways. The solution in question should make your overall system more—not less—efficient.

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2. Can I see how your solution will work for my business prior to installation?

Actions speak louder than words. While vendors can tell you their solution will work for your business and with your existing systems all day long, there’s no way to really know until they showyou. Ask if the vendor in question can provide a demonstration using your company’s specific data and systems to show the application will actually work for you.

3. Do you provide different implementation options?

The strongest vendor will provide multiple implementation options with various pricing options. Vendors with implementation partners can help alleviate the stress of self-implementation and offer deep domain expertise.

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4. Will your solution help me reach both short- and long-term goals?

Yes, you’ll likely see the benefits of a new MarTech solution quickly, but what about long-term? Ensuring a solution is flexible and can adapt to your changing business plans and evolving technological needs will mean it can help meet long-term goals too.

5. How will it affect my team’s day-to-day work process?

If a solution is easy to implement and works with your existing systems, it shouldn’t negatively affect your team’s day-to-day work process. In fact, it should make it more efficient, helping employees get more done, faster.

First understanding the holes and hangups in your current processes will help you better identify where improvements can be made. Finding a solution that can fill those holes and overcome those hang ups will help your team more easily reach their goals.

Making the Right Choice

If the vendor in question answers the aforementioned five questions to your liking, then you may have found a partner. After ensuring these core functionalities will be offered, you may also want to inquire about solution updates, ongoing support, and data collection.

Think you’ve found the right MarTech solution? Then it’s time to get buy-in for your project and the stakeholder stamp of approval. Luckily, we recently wrote a series addressing just that! Learn how to build consensus, approach decision makers at the right time, and get them to yes in order to secure funding.

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Matt Noyes

Matt Noyes

Matt is the Director of Product Marketing at FPX. He focuses on the evolution of CPQ from a traditional sales tool to one that delivers value across the enterprise.

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