Bell Helicopter FPX

FPX helps companies like Bell Helicopter sell smarter and faster with CPQ
CPQ can help businesses reduce quote time from weeks to minutes

Reduced budgetary quote
generation from weeks to less
than 5 minutes.

FPX makes it possible for businesses to optimize buying and selling

Decreased contract
signatories from 50
people to just 6.

FPX helped Bell Helicopter take their quoting process from weeks to minutes

In 2005, Bell Helicopter recognized that a cumbersome contract management, review and approval process was wreaking havoc on sales. So Bell turned to FPX and we integrated Smart CPQ with Bell’s CRM platform, Salesforce®. We created an amazingly efficient, astonishingly fast online sales process that reps could access anywhere, anytime.

Since its launch in 2007, the FPX solution remains mission critical to the Bell Helicopter sales process.

Contact us to learn how FPX can help you make the process of buying and selling smarter while improving the user experience from end to end.

FPX is the bridge between CRM and ERP systems



  • Sales personnel around the world can access always-current product and pricing information
  • Online templates and product configuration lists simplify sales contract creation
  • Automated workflow management enables internal approvals before contracts are shared with customers
  • Time stamps simplify tracking and accurate auditing, and
  • For the first time ever, sales reps can build budgetary quotes for hundreds of options informed by published pricing