Driving the Auto and Transportation Industry.

Enterprise CPQ for Auto Manufacturers and Dealers ...

For automotive and transportation manufacturers, meeting modern customer expectations means delivering accurate, timely quotes and proposals, and error-free orders with every engagement across all buying and selling channels — including direct sales teams, vendor and dealer networks, as well as direct-buy customers through ecommerce solutions.

At FPX, we offer manufacturers the flexibility and agility to simply sell their products and services across their desired channels with confidence.

Unlike other CPQ solutions that are glorified quoting tools, our flexible solution gives manufacturers the agility to scale and deliver their entire business across their entire buying and selling ecosystem. By managing complex vehicle regulations, rules, options, prices, customer information and other variables from a single location, our platform-agnostic solution integrates with existing platforms like CRM and ERP applications to deliver seamless pricing, quoting and other core utilities enterprise-wide.

FPX simplifies your network of buying and selling processes to better align your business with the expectations of modern customers. Powerful enough to manage any level of complexity, while agile enough to advance your organization toward a commerce strategy or extending and enhancing the capabilities of direct and indirect sales, FPX is the solution to carry your business forward into the era of Digital Transformation.

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