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Who is FPX?

The CPQ Experts Helping Manufacturers Sell Smarter & Faster

Our Story Is Just Beginning

Come join us on this journey.

For manufacturers striving to become easier to do business with, FPX simplifies buying and selling experiences to align enterprise businesses with the expectations of modern customers.

Powerful enough to handle any level of complexity, nimble enough to advance your commerce strategy, and simple enough to seamlessly extend and enhance the capabilities of direct and indirect sales, we guide businesses toward measurable success in this era of Digital Transformation.

With FPX Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), manufacturers are optimizing the experience of buying and selling across their sales, partner, and ecommerce channels, driving increased revenue and profit margins, increased loyalty and engagement, and empowering IT assets.

Today, our CPQ solution is the standard in the market. We're your CPQ partner with the experience and resources to carry your business forward.

Read more about FPX and our solutions by downloading the About FPX Datasheet below:


We established the foundation for salesforce automation with Configure-Price-Quote. FPX products transformed the way companies executed commercial strategies through their sales channels.


FPX is the first software company to produce a multi-tenant SaaS-based CPQ application.


Leveraging CPQ at our core, we provide companies around the world with a single platform to facilitate, manage, and deliver a cohesive and connected user experience across all buying and selling channels.

The Solutions That Continuously Set The Standard For Innovation And Excellence ...

Our Mission?

At FPX, our journey is just getting started. With the 2016 acquisition by HGGC, we have tripled our working capital. accelerated go-to-market strategies, and continue to focus on our core business objectives:

  • Accelerate growth
  • Strengthen our leadership position
  • Attract and retain top talent

With our deep domain expertise, growth strategy and mature product lines, we are rapidly expanding to meet the growing demand for enterprise-caliber CPQ solutions that are capable of servicing all buying and selling channels, including direct sales, partner channels, and ecommerce.

We Keep Getting Better

Throughout our thirty-year history, we have invested over $200 million in R&D, including more than 30% of our gross income each year to advance mature product lines. Our product strategy has enabled FPX to achieve more than 98% customer retention, each year — a benchmark like no other in the industry.

With the addition of HGGC and our move into European and Asian markets, we've positioned ourselves as a leading, global SaaS provider.

We differentiate ourselves with the right products, the best people with deep domain experience and guidance from industry-leading customers. Only FPX can bring this level of products, service, knowledge and experience to each and every client engagement. Only FPX can deliver such high-impact business results.

SOCII Type 2 Compliance (1)

SOCII Type 2 Compliance (1)







CPQ is no longer just a selling tool...

At FPX, our mission is simple: We develop solutions that help businesses sell smarter while delivering experiences that increase engagement and build loyalty. With decades of experience in the CPQ space, we know firsthand that the needs and values of customers change over time. That is why we strive to deliver cutting-edge innovations and thoughtful processes that streamline and optimize all aspects of the buying and selling experience.

Mark Bartlett CXO at FPX