FPX and Smart CPQ set the foundation for the Experience Management Platform (XMP)

FPX is the Experience Management Platform

In an evolving business-to-business (B2B) world where buyers and sellers are independent agents, the journeys customers traverse to engage with your business are increasingly complex.

Customers now come to your business via mobile, your ecommerce website, partner networks and your direct sales organization— but if you don’t deliver the seamless experience they expect, you fail to unlock potential value that comes from attracting and retaining these empowered customers.

By simplifying your network of buying and selling processes, FPX allows your business to align with the expectations of modern customers. We reduce complexity and nurture consistent experiences for all users across all channels — from sales and partners to ecommerce users.

What is this user-centric approach to solving your complex business challenges?

We call it the Experience Management Platform (XMP).



Smart CPQ

Our Smart CPQ application does everything basic CPQ can do – with the dramatic addition of superior intelligence and the proven power to deliver an improved user experience across all areas of business, including sales, partner ecosystems and ecommerce. Now in Version 9.0, Smart CPQ features an embedded predictive analytics engine to create the next generation of transformative applications.
  • Harnesses your Big Data to build ideal configurations.
  • Shifts standard pricing to real-time price optimization.
  • Transforms quoting into guided selling.
  • Optimizes the user experience from end to end.

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Click the link below to receive a free copy of our white paper: CPQ and the Experience Manangement Revolution. Inside you'll find information on what to consider when choosing a CPQ vendor. 

Our Clients

“I can literally have the quote back to the customer in two minutes or less.”




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