FPX helps companies from around the world offer optimal user experiences when buying, selling and configuring complex products and services

We are FPX

Our business transforms business.

Thirty years ago, we pioneered sales force automation with the release of Configure-Price-Quote® (CPQ) – forever changing the way Fortune 100 and Global 2000 companies sell complex products and services. But that was then. What is CPQ now? How has it evolved? And why do I need CPQ?

At FPX, we leverage our deep domain expertise to help you realize your full commercial potential. Our suite of applications brings order and consistency while making your Big Data actionable so you can achieve optimal outcomes across each of your sales and service channels. You’ll find that our applications are platform-agnostic, quick-to-implement and offer product-built integrations to other leading solutions, so you can manage sophisticated business processes in the Cloud with confidence.

FPX is more than CPQ. We transform the entire user experience.


Smart CPQ

Our latest application does everything basic CPQ can do – with the dramatic addition of superior intelligence and the proven power to transform all areas of business, including sales, partner ecosystems and ecommerce. Now in Version 9.0, Smart CPQ features an embedded predictive analytics engine to create the next generation of transformative applications.
  • Harnesses your Big Data to build ideal configurations.
  • Shifts standard pricing to real-time price optimization.
  • Transforms quoting into guided selling.
  • Optimizes the user experience from end to end.

Our Clients

“I can literally have the quote back to the customer in two minutes or less.”




The power to do more, for companies of every size.
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FPX works closely with its partners to offer the solutions leading businesses need to sell smarter, better and faster.