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Think Configure Price Quote (CPQ)  & Beyond

FPX is driven by the goal of making our customers easier organizations from which to buy. Our solutions align sales processes with customers’ decision-making behavior.

We automate critical sales tasks so sales teams can focus on the activities that produce the most value. This reduces the time it takes to convert leads to orders, improving win rates and increasing revenue and profitability.


Commited to Innovation

FPX closely reviews two primary sources for setting product strategy. First and foremost, we listen to our customers. They know our technology, they have active projects and applications, and many times, they have managed previous CPQ applications within their organization.

We place high value on the expertise and insight offered by industry analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC and others. To maintain an understanding of their expert perspective on market direction, FPX meets with these organizations on a regular basis.

Strong and Stable

FPX’s innovation strategy has been a core component of our growth. Our solutions combine a customized mix of products and services that offer incremental value to our customers, which are proven to drive a lower total cost of ownership, a higher ROI and also support the long-term viability of FPX.

FPX helped to invent the sales configuration and acceleration industry. Since then, we have invested over $100 million on R&D and the patenting of our innovations. Based on FPX’s strong intellectual propertycustomers are assured they are conducting business with a company that provides customer-critical services.


Our Mission

To consistently achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction among sales enablement technology companies through innovation, collaboration, planning and execution.


Our Vision

To ensure every FPX customer operates with peak efficiency and effectiveness by delivering sales enablement solutions that integrate business process expertise with innovative technology.


Our Values

Customer Focus - FPX is committed to achieving total customer success. We will always strive to deliver products and services that match the unique needs of each customer, every single day, with every interaction.

Accountability - Each of us at FPX is accountable for every action with our customers, our partners and with each other. We honor every commitment we make and will not misrepresent our capabilities or intentions.

Respect - FPX fosters an environment of teamwork, collaboration and mutual respect. We respect our peers, our customers and our partners.

Excellence - We are passionate about innovation and quality. We set high standards for excellence in our products, services, and partnerships and aim to exceed them.



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