About FPX

About FPX

FPX helps our customers transform their businesses so that they become easy to buy from.  We invented the first Configure-Price-Quote and sales force automation software in 1983 and remain committed to the belief that innovation is key to helping our customers overcome their business challenges. 

What Drives FPX?

We're driven by our customers' need to approach business in a new way.  We deliver a single application platform that bridges all points of sales and service, spanning the gap between CRM and ERP systems.   FPX provides companies with the broad spectrum of applications they need to leverage the cloud for competitive advantage without being limited to the constraints of any one development platform.  At the heart of all we do are three guiding principles:

Our Mission

To consistently achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction among sales enablement technology companies through innovation, collaboration, planning and execution.

Our Vision

To enable every customer to operate with peak efficiency and effectiveness by delivering sales enablement solutions that integrates business process expertise with innovative enabling technology.

Our Values

  • Customer Focus - FPX is committed to achieving total customer success.  We will always strive to deliver products and services that match the unique needs of each customer, every single day, with every interaction.
  • Accountability - Each of us at FPX is accountable for every action with our customers, our partners and with each other.  We honor every commitment we make and will not misrepresent our capabilities or intentions.
  • Respect - FPX fosters an environment of teamwork, collaboration and mutual respect.  We respect our peers, our customers and our partners.
  • Excellence - We are passionate about innovation and quality.  We set high standards for excellence in our products, services, and partnerships and aim to exceed them.

Our Customers Say

“In a world where tough competition has made 'taking care of the customer' passé, FPX has not lost its customer focus.  They worked with us every step of the way, many times going above and beyond our expectations.  They are small enough to be nimble, and yet have the long years of experience in this industry to ensure your project will be successful.”

FPX, Configure - Price - Quote Inventor
Manager, Sales Engineering,
Fujitsu Network Communications

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